Monday, June 06, 2005

Starting off sore...pedaling hard

Hello from the Open Road!!

It has been nearly a week since we started this great odsessy across the United States. We
apologize for not getting our daily entries up and running but here we go....

Our sore quads and tight hamstrings reinforce the reality that we are cycling 4, 400 miles in 9
weeks!! I
remember how on the first night, as everyone was tightly tucked in their sleeping backs to look
like synthetic caterpillars and stale breath held in the anticipation of riders as their minds
drifted to open roads and soon to be memoriable and unforgettable experiences. Closing their eyes,
they held the last remains for this "self", for after our sixty-three tiring days, we
will be forever changed. Now, just a week after that first night, we can feel the shift happening

So here we are in Johnstown PA, after climbing hill after hill from New Haven. We have traveled
through most of PA and have a day left. We've already crossed Connecticut and New York. When we
were in Hazelton, PA, we were told that it is the highest point in Pennsylvania (about,800 ft or
so) and boy did we notice it on a mere 55 mile ride. Our longest ride has been 87 miles and we
definitely felt it the next day! We have had to climb huge hills several miles long each and we
were sure suckin air at the top of each one. All of our rumps and quads are pretty darn sore but
it is so worth it-we're having a blast. All of our hosts have been so nice and cooking us enormous
amounts of food.Our eating habits have nearly doubled and for some quadroupled. One of the guys
on the trip won a shirt for completing a 24 inch Stromboli, by himself!!

The press welcome us at each stop, so watch out we are getting famous!! :-)