Friday, June 10, 2005

Take Me Home, Country Roads...

Well, maybe not home exactly, but to San Francisco (which is home for
some of our group).

We're still winding our way through West Virginia, enjoying the green
scenery and the curving trails. The weather has been hot and humid,
and we've ridden through more than one occasional thunderstorm.

Our road today was flat and fast, with some of our riders covering
about 70 miles in only 4 hours! We had some adventures along the way,
of course, including our first case of bike road kill, a stranded
cyclist, and a pretty rough fall.

But, all in all we made it, and now we're spending the night in
Marlinton this evening. We've met some great people in town who kindly
offered up their showers to us (I don't think they would have wanted to
stay and eat with us otherwise). Plus, we've learned a lot in the past
few hours about everything from pond digging to hay bales to 4-H pig
competitions. What's more, we hear we're being fed grilled salmon and
steak for dinner tonight...ah, the joys of Southern hospitality!

We've got a few days left in West Virginia before we cross into our
fifth state, Kentucky. Thanks for checking in on us, and we'll keep
you posted as often as we can!