Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Boulder, a hippy's paradise

Hey Everyone,

Just got into Boulder, CO, and gearing up for a fantastic day off
(well... half day off half work day). Perhaps its just because we've
been slightly starved for civilization, but i LOVE it here. Up until
now since Louisville we haven't actually been in a town larger than
1500 people, and the last week we've stayed in towns with as few as 87
people and as many as 500. funny when places with 2000 people suddenly
become large cities.

The ride through western kansas was most likely exactly what any of
you would expect of Kansas... very flat and lots of farms. Each town
is marked by a grain elevator somewhere near its "center"... giant
white rectangles w/ a varying number of silos attached to them... they
are so large you could usually see them from 5-7 miles away (yes, we
counted). We had about 5 days straight of corn and wheat fields and
when we entered Colorado we discovered that in fact, very few people
call it their home (literally we would go 80 miles without passing
through a single town, only to stop in a town with fewer people than
were in my 5th grade class).

The elevation is making itself known as well... the mornings are now
fairly "cold".. to the point that we're all wearing arm warmers and
leg warmers (or leggings) until about 11am. The sun feels stronger
too... great for our already ridiculous tans... and because we're
starting earlier,we now have the pleasure of having te back of our
calves about 3x darker than any other parts of our bodies. We will
start climbing the Rockies on Fri, and then will go over our highest
pass on Sat... i'll email you all again, assumign i survive.

Oh yeah, and there was this storm in Kansas... not a Tornado (per say)
but i think it was close. There were ping pong ball sized hail balls
falling from the green sky and black streaks illuminated by giant
lightning bolts every 3 minutes. We stopped at this house, where nice
people let us take over their barn... we played dominos and charades
and danced around in the rain (except when the hail was falling). it
was totally incredible, and i sort of thought the world was coming to
an end (literally, stephen spielberg should just go film out in kansas
instead of using computer graphics for special effects).

anyway, we're heading to dinner... hpoe all is well w/ everyone.

miss you all dearly,