Friday, July 01, 2005

In Celebration & Remembrance

In Celebration & Remembrance

Written in Memory of: Rachel “Ramie” Speight.
Tragically taken while riding her bicycle across America
In a fund-raising pledge ride known as The Habitat For Humanity Bicycle Challenge

As the days pass, we’ll hear your whispers in the wind.
We’ll feel your loving embrace in the warm rays of the sun.
We’ll be reminded of your absence in the tears of a soft falling rain.
We’ll feel your spirit soar as we watch the Lark lifting us ever higher.

The piercing pain in our hearts will finally ebb.
In the beginning we'll sit down in silent reflection to remember our time together.
Your giving, committed and compassionate life seemed to slip so quickly away from us.

Finally there will come a time when we’ll recall our joy together with overflowing hearts.
We’ll rejoice in how we’ve always been surrounded by the warm embrace of loving, caring family,
friends, places and moments.

Those shared experiences having created indelible impressions,
the bittersweet cinema of life unveiling.

No matter how pained and tired are our bodies?
No matter how hushed our joy;
breathe in this very second, experience our shared breath of life,
embrace each other and each wonderful moment, for it’s all we can really possess.

We have all arrived together at this point in the journey.
For the gift of birth and death are celebrated and honored.
For all of those who have gathered to remember Rachel,
it is with love and compassion that we honor the culmination of her temporal life.

By: Philip Turner ©2005 (Also a distance cyclist and Cousin of Lauren Selman. Lauren was one of
“Ramie’s” Ride Partners on the Bike Challenge’s Southern Route.)


Philip Turner
Network Operations Engineer