Wednesday, July 27, 2005


For All Parents, Sibling, Friends, Innocent Bystanders, etc.:

Here are some details for the big bonanza at the end of our grand

We'll be leaving Petaluma, CA late on Sunday morning (around 10 AM)
and riding the approximately 50 miles over to the Golden Gate
Bridge. We're trying to avoid the SF Marathon, which ends at 11:30
AM, so we'll be crossing the bridge sometime between 2 and 3 PM on
July 31st. We'll be riding along the bike path on the bridge, so
there should be plenty of room for spectators on either side and
along the walkway.

Once we triumphantly cross the bridge, we'll be celebrating with a
reception in Crissy Field Park, which is located right over the
Golden Gate Bridge on the San Francisco side. We'll be dipping our
tires in the Pacific there, and then having a picnic reception with
our family and friends, HBC alumni, and anyone else who'd like to
join us. Directions and a map for Crissy Field can be found at

We're expecting a group of about 110 people or so, maybe more (that
total's based on our riders and the friends and family they are
expecting, as well as the HBC alums who plan to come celebrate). If
you're planning on coming and would like to bring something along
with you, any type of picnic fare would be great - anything from
fruit salad to potato chips to deserts. And, of course, your
cameras and ready congratulations will be a must!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Grand Finale in just a few
short days!

- Sarah Newman